Strain Review: Tangerine – Colorado Born

Tangerine is a strain we have been talking and raving about on the show for a while now.  This Colorado born strain is a favorite of all of ours.  If not our most favorite strain.  And, that’s saying a lot.  One of the most unique smelling, looking, and high lifting strains that can be found.  The official word on  the cross of this strain is a particularly interesting and deep purple pheno (Paissans Passion) of Cough crossed with Grapefruit.  If you are outside of Colorado and claim to this strain in your garden you may be mistaken.  A small select few growers in Colorado originally had this strain then it was given out and has spread across parts of Colorado.  Although a few growers and dispensaries have renamed Tange, it will always have the blinding characteristics that make it unmistakable in a crowd.  Just plain Tangerine.

And, when we say it smells like Tangerine, we mean it.  Both in flower and fully cured bud form it is one of the strongest, most potent smelling strains that has the oomph, and power to make your nose hairs stick straight on end.  One of the most oily, terpin filled, super citrus strains you will find.  Immediately within the first few weeks of flower you will notice trichomes and oil have already started to heavily form along the budding leaves and premature buds.  Tangerine I have found is best harvested at 9 weeks, but can go longer if you really want to push it.  Although the high becomes less of a soaring, and more of a upper body head high.  It becomes deeper of a stone shall we say.  9 weeks I feel has been the best of balance between lifting off the ground and getting that much needed deep tissue shoulder relaxation that comes with a lot of marijuana strains.  Harvesting early will produce a mile high lifting and extremely heady high.  Although we mention it is an extremely potent smelling strain, its not as difficult to hide in flowering stage as Sour Diesel, or Chem Dog.  Two strains I hold the bar extremely high at with harder than heck to hide smell, or ‘aka’ Ninja Stealth Grow ability.  It is extremely pleasant to walk into a room of almost finished flowering Tangerine Cannabis plants.  The smell is equated more to a sweet flower/fruit smell than the skunky harsh smell of other plants.

This strain has been tested at Full Spectrum Labs in Denver, CO and has a 100% THC profile makeup.  Meaning it has very little if any active CBD and CBN cannabinoid content.  Sometimes CBD and CBN act against THC and its effects and this strain makes it nice to have it balanced to that side.  Thats not to say the strain is all THC.  It has been tested up to 24% in active cannabinoid content.  Which still puts it in the high range of potent marijuana strains.

Tim – When I first used this strain, it was one of the most creep up on you, lift you up and drop you off a building without you knowing what hit you till it hit you, highs there is.  If there has been a strain I’ve needed to get used to, this strain is one.  It took a minute for me to be able to use this strain while working because of its high Sativa makeup.  My focus and thought process was almost totally changed while on this strains after first using it.  But, unlike most potent Sativas it did not give me issues with my eyes being sensitive to light, or being too heady, or was a trigger to migraines as a few other heavy Sativas have been.  In particular Island Sweet Skunk, which is my least favorite strain out to date.  I’m not sure if its the headiness of Sativas or what it is, but sometimes they dont agree with me.  Tangerine has become my favorite “headache control” strain and with as much as Ive been able to medicate with it lately I can honestly say from a scientific well thought out and observed process that Tangerine is one of the top strains for me to use to control my severe pain issues with my migraines.  Along with nervousness, and general anxiety/depression.  You really can’t get used to this strain because of the high THC psychoactive makeup I believe.  Derek, and I, along with others have reported and extremely high tolerance to this strain, unlike other strains that get old after smoking daily.  Don’t miss Tange.  And be sure to stay tuned to find out when In Harmony Wellness has it in stock, and maybe soon if JDR can caregive for other patients after his probation, you might get a taste of the connoisseur house greens.  The best of the best.