Strain Review: Sour Diesel – Reservoir Seeds

Sour Diesel is the founding father and is included in the three phenos we have come to know and love as Chem Dog, OG Kush, and as we just mentioned Sour Diesel.  The Sour D has a storied past and there is some argument how Chem Dog, and OG Kush were proliferated and who brought them where.  Some rumors say it all started in Colorado or around here with Sour D.  Then a pheno was taken to the East Coast  where it was renamed Chem Dog.  Then, as the story goes Chem Dog was taken to Cali and renamed OG Kush.  One of the most exciting parts of all this pioneering of a new industry is hearing the stories of how it all starts.  Whether its the dispensary itself or the quest for the best genetics.  They are all gold at this point.  Some say SOMA created the original Sour D pheno Rez got his from.  Derek and others say very strongly the original Sour Diesel came from Rez Dog and Reservoir Seeds.  The original 13 beans from Reservoir Seeds of Sour Diesel you now know were popped by Rez and bred for max efficiency.  The high performing Sour D, OG Kush and Chem Dog, all are from Reservoir Seeds.  I tend to fall in line with thinking and research agreeing with Derek and others who say Rez is the original creator of these fabled strains.  At least the pheno you all now know and use as Sour D is bred by Rez for larger harvests and high potency is Reservoir Seeds.  More people are growing Sour Diesel and it is a hot cross right now with a lot of breeders.  It has become a standard of sorts.  I really do enjoy keeping the history and lineage of the true breeders in tact and those stories of how each strain got to be is part of what makes what we do so darn interesting.

Sour Diesel is also part of the family of strains I like to include in the “Cacti Family”.  It enjoys high temperatures and low humidity.  In fact sometimes during the late flower cycle it seems Sour D enjoys less water and higher temps.  All the way up to 85 degrees as its normal day cycle temp.  It is not a leafy plant and will shoot up to over six feet by finish of you don’t top or do allow it to veg over 18″.  Although the Sour D’s are not a fan of topping so I don’t necessarily suggest it as one of the best strains to top if that is your bag for growing out your plants.  This makes it an easy grow for most growers as the maintenance of this plant isn’t very high either.  So long as you stay away from mites in most occasions Sour Diesel will grow strong with light nutes and little attention.  The smell of Sour Diesel is one of a kind.  No other plant smells like it.  The deep fuel and skunk smell is very evident early on in the flower stage and even in veg the plants stalks when rubbed give off a highly potent ‘diesel’ smell.  This one is not for those of you trying to grow like ninjas.  Sour D, OG Kush, and Chem Dog are all almost impossible to hide without any type of high quality filtration system.  I don’t mean just one carbon filter either.  These plants are possibly some of the most stank and skunk smelling plants indoors.  Again, don’t attempt to grow these in a stealth environment.  There are equal strains of potency with less of an aroma to hide.  That is if you can find any original beans.  Your best bet is to find a clone.  The chances of actually “winning” the raffle on a Reservoir Seeds release are better spent on hoping to get struck by lightning.

I’m not a huge fan of Sour Diesel. The toke is harsh, but not as harsh as the Chem Dog, and as we mentioned above it is just too hard to keep the smell of these plants in check.  In its grow stages or while drying and even after when its sitting in your pocket sealed in a jar ready to be used, it still stinks almost just as much as when you cut it.  I really get the munchies with Sour D and I find the up high of it is better found in other buds.  I feel Sour D is overrated when matched up against its pheno family.  Chem Dog is certainly a better grow, and some would say OG Kush is even better than that.  In splitting hairs there are differences to the connoisseur.  But, really anyone would be fortunate to have genetics like the Sour D.  I think really I am just bummed with how easy it is to find strains crossed with Sour D right now.  They are all over Colorado.  But, with all that said it can be some of the most potent and uplifting green on the market for some people.  It also goes well in a bowl with any other strain.  I like to mix the bowl with Sour D and a heavy Indica.  The effect is fantastic.

It might be easier to get a hold of the SOMA Seeds version of the Diesel when looking for beans.  Theirs is a little sweeter than the Reservoir Seeds original, and definitely has less of a ‘fuel’ smell to it.  But have no doubt, if you don’t smell the diesel on the strain you’re looking at, its NOT Sour D.  Keep in mind genetics are everything.  And, the people who know what they are doing when breeding and pick the best of the best to pass on are producing the best strains far and above.  It takes extreme patients and knowledge to produce the greens that are one step above.  Those are what you want in your garden, and we will continue to bring you the best of the best on John Doe Radio so you can know what you’re working with.

90% Sativa

Flowering Time: 10 Weeks

Yield: Medium

Height: Very Tall, lanky strain