Strain Review: Jacks Cleaner – TGA/Subcool Seeds

Jacks Cleaner is a Super High strain.  And when I say Super High, I mean it gets you Super HIGH!  A very effective Sativa that will conk you behind the eyes more than most strains will.  I could not keep my eyes open after medicating with this strain.  My eyelids felt like they were weighed down with 5 pound weights.  The toke is very nice and not too harsh, with an uplifting, yet relaxing high.  A Sativa with a relaxing edge to it is amazing and worth the time it takes to grow, and this one has got what it takes.  The nugs look a lot like Jack Herer nugs and smell in my opinion a lot like them too.  I have not been fortunate enough to grow out this strain so I really cant comment on the finickiness of it from seed/cut to harvest.  But, luckily the breeder himself gives you a great story and background on Jacks Cleaner.  So really, that’s a lot better than me just rambling on.  Here yah go.

Subcool – Mr. Ganja himself says:

You may not have heard of the strain Jacks Cleaner, but among collectors of Elite genetics it has become somewhat of an urban legend. This is due to a few factors. The first is I grew it for many years before other respected growers tried it and let me know it was probably the best Sativa Hybrid in existence. In 1997 I had a gathering known in breeder circles as “Jamaica 1” several respected under ground breeder/growers met at my place and we spent 3 days toking testing talking and feasting on BBQ and southern food. We had a un official judging and JC won every first place vote. Now maybe the guys were just being nice because I tossed the gig but I knew at least I had found a great strain. But where did it come from?

I got my first PC in about 1994 it was an Acer 133 and soon found a great deal of information on Cannabis, certainly not anything like today but it led me to grow chats where I met others that shared an interest for growing. One of the first I became close online friends with was a guy with the nick ‘Skoosh’. I was amazed that there was another seriously hard working tax paying Loyal American that waked and baked everyday of his adult life. We swapped stories online, toked while we typed and found out we both love ice cream. He offered me some seeds and over time traded around what we each had. He sent me about 200 seeds of a old strain called Skoosh that was pretty infamous in his circles and I started cracking large treys looking for a keeper. The make up of these seeds were Pluton, Lambs bread, Purple Haze, and Northern Lights. What mix or pattern these crosses occurred I am not sure. Most of what I found was not impressive, super thin spindly sativa’s and mutants with whorled leaves. I did find a few that seemed normal and grew them to maturity. Of all the seeds I started over a period of a year one phenotype stood out. It was a extremely resinous ultra lemon wonder. It reminded me of a house hold cleaner named “Mr Clean” So I named it “The Cleaner”. It had one poor trait and that was weak stems and smaller size. I had not yet read botany and we all thought breeders were smarter than god so it was just luck I had a Jack Herer male from Sensi Seeds that I was too lazy to kill and just placed in a dark garage. It refused to die so I placed a small 12” Cleaner clone with him and she produced about 35 seeds.

From these I selected the best female and tossed all the males. From these was the Phenotype many now consider to be the holy grail of Cannabis, Jacks Cleaner is a large heavy producer with ultra white raised trichomes that actually give the plant a gooey appearance. Heavy citrus with over bearing lemon smell and taste I have yet to see anything like it. In 2003 we out crossed the P1 mother with a JC X blueberry offspring and created JC bx. This first stage back cross recently won third place in the 420 cup in Amsterdam by a grower named HOG. It had a 12 day cure and blew everyone away as he was an unknown in there neck of the woods. There is some confusion cause many that have the JC bx misstate the fact and say they have JC leaving off the BX indicating a back cross.

You can see by the photo’s that JC is not a normal hemp dominant plant. Just the speed of resin production makes her somewhat of a freak .You can see how the large raised resin heads give some shots a glass effect. I will attempt to describe toking JC from a clean bong, the smoke is crisp and thick with a heavy lemon oiliness that seems to coat the sinuses with citrus, it is a bit harsh and tends to make me wince, then the expansion starts and if you took a small enough hit and don’t cough the buzz is instant. At first the buzz is visual and very cerebral. Then the other side starts creeping and you feel as if you smoked some heavy indica. The munchies come on and after you eat plates full of bizarre food combinations you are ready for a nap. Once you are used to the high it has amazing analgesic properties and a good friend said it even made him last longer with his GF due to it’s pain relieving aspects.

Good times and good tokes for sure.  If you have the chance to visit In Hamony Wellness in Windsor, CO you will no doubt be presented with some great strains with histories like Jacks Cleaner.  I am a huge fan of a strain having a history and it being really what people say it is.  I love to know what I am medicating on and I like to know as much as I can about the plant and where it came from.  Nothing is more interesting to me than collecting and learning about these strains.  If you would like to hear more and Derek’s response to this strain, be sure to check out the JDR Show v7s6 Strain Review, where we fill you in on how it really tokes.